Venues in Atlanta (part 2)

* I tipped a street musician across from the Star Bar
* I bought tickets from a scalper at the Tabernacle
* I sat around MJQ waiting for a show to start
* I wandered around upstairs at Wonderroot
* I showed up late to Lakewood Amphitheater
* I was too young for Dotties
* I lived near Northside Tavern
* I walked by the Glenwood and kept hearing bands playing
* I watched a band play at a converted airplane hangar
* I played a show at a converted auto garage

-----from "With Love"

I'm not white and you're not racist

It's reverse in Atlanta. There were times i looked around and saw no white people. Back then, i didn't care. But one time an old lady did. She talked, then stared at me with pure hate. What was i going to do? Old lady went off the rails.

-----from "Regional"

Excited Dust

I used to drive by an old recording studio. Way out in the country. It was abandoned years ago, and the building just sat there unaltered.

I got out of my car once, put my hands to the window, looked in and saw all this old equipment thru a half-open door.

I used to think about buying the studio, not changing anything, and just living on the inside.

I never did, because I didn't have the money. But it brought rise to the "one day, I'll....." feeling inside me. That optimism. That want.

Years later, I went back to the location expecting to see the old "Recording Studio" sign and think about buying the place again. But as I drove up, I saw the sign gone and everything on the inside removed. It was just an old building with a "for rent" sign in front.

-----from "Excited Dust"


There were times I would walk out of a show and feel like I could walk thru a brick wall. It'd be two or three in the morning. I'd get in my car and ROAR thru the streets of downtown Atlanta.

------from "With Love"

by the Midtown Art Cinema

I used to go there to relax. To try and get away. Recently, I saw a live shot of Piedmont Park on the news. I don't remember the view of the skyline. Guess I was laying in the wrong spot. Staring at the clouds or something.

------from "East Point--East Atlanta--10th Street--West End"

Venues in Atlanta

* I saw a band in heaven at the Masquerade
* I saw a band in hell at the Masquerade
* I pogo'd to a band at the Roxy
* I pogo'd to a band at the Cotton Club
* I got my car towed at the Variety Playhouse
* I saw an interesting show at Eyedrum
* I saw a great show at 529
* I snuck into a show at Eddie's Attic
* I never went to 688
* I remember Squaresville was just a house
* I stood in a tent at Music Midtown
* I stood in line at the Echo Lounge
* I went to a taping of Live at WREK
* I had nosebleed seats for a show at the Fox
* I finally made it to a show at the Music Room
* I wish there were more places like the Neutron Bomb
* I liked Under the Couch
* I initially thought the Earl's layout was confusing
* I liked Lenny's better at its original location
* I decided not to go into a show at Union EAV
* I was one of two patrons at the Somber Reptile
* I played a show in a parking the West End

-----from "Regional"